Don't Let Your Phone Betray Your Start-Up Status

July 8, 2010

No matter your size or your length of time in business, you must portray professionalism.  Having your kids screaming in the background or picking up on your cell phone with the soccer game raging is not acceptable.  Use one of the online services to allow you to have a separate business number, including an 800 number, if needed.  You can use features like call-forwarding and multiple mailboxes.  E-Voice (from the guys who developed e-fax ages ago) has a free 6-month trial period.

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eVoice® 6 Month Free Trial

Free is Good!!

June 12, 2010

You are a small business owner.  Money is always a consideration.  Today I discovered 

At you can design and upload a website using free templates and some really intuitive tools.  I have used free templates before, but they required a lot of backend work to do the modifications.  I have also used other dummied down, quick and easy website builders, but was unable to customize them.

Yola is the best of both worlds......easy, but highly customizable. 


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